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MedApp at HIMSS24

MedApp will participate in one of the largest medical-technology fairs in the world, which will be held March 11-15, 2024 in Orlando, Florida.

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FDA certification for CarnaLife Holo.

CarnaLife Holo software has received Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval for the US market.

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We are creating the future of medicine!

Our innovative solutions are revolutionizing the ways lives can be saved and patients can be treated.

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CarnaLife System at Medicover Poland facilities.

Tests of the MedApp software monitoring the health of chronically ill patients.

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Video report of the mitral valve seal

An Operation in MitraClip technology with the use of CarnaLife Holo

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CarnaLife Holo at the Medical University of Warsaw

Heart ablation treatment with the use of CarnaLife Holo in the best hospital in Poland according to the World's Best Hospitals 2021 ranking

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Our solutions.

We are a technology company operating in the field of healthcare. Our innovative solutions are revolutionizing the ways lives can be saved and patients can be treated.

We develop technologies to support diagnostic imaging and next-generation digital medicine. We are continually expanding our portfolio of services to match the needs of a changing world and to explore new areas of application.


Three-dimensional visualization

CarnaLife Holo is a breakthrough technology for 3D visualization of imaged medical data, supporting the planning and execution of medical procedures.

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Mixed reality

A breakthrough tool for remote 3D product demonstration, perfect for medicine and industry.

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Telemedicine platform

Innovative solution for in-depth, remote patient diagnostics in combination with e-consultation.

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Digital medicine

Modern software for medical consultations, diagnostics and in-depth health monitoring.

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We are experts in technology for medicine. We combine the knowledge and experience of engineers, programmers, physicians and scientists.

We offer unique software solutions to support diagnostic imaging, next generation digital medicine services and business.


Continuous improvement of the quality of diagnoses and continuous development through the use of modern IT tools


Mixed reality (MR) and augmented reality (AR) technologies to improve diagnosis and treatment


Analysis of aggregated data using multiple peripherals and their handling in an innovative telemedicine system



Our cooperation with international leaders in technology and medicine enables us to safely collect, analyse and visualise unlimited amount of medical data. As a result, our solutions are indispensable in variety of medical applications.

  • Using the secure Azure cloud to store medical data

  • Significant substantive support for the work on the proprietary project MedApp CarnaLife Holo and HoloComm

  • Use of Microsoft HoloLens 2 goggles

  • Integration with Microsoft Teams - secure doctor-patient communication

  • A joint project to transfer and visualize data from the Vivid E 95 echocardiograph in real time

  • A joint project to screen cardiac patients for arrhythmias

  • The project is carried out on nearly 2,000 patients

  • Participation in the OVH Cloud program for startups

  • Access to cloud resources

  • Mentoring and support in international expansion

  • Victory in the Healthcare Startup Contest of the Data Sovereignty Conference

  • Substantive support in the use of GPU

  • Support in the selection of hardware for AI purposes

  • Access to NVIDIA tools

  • Support from NVIDIA specialists

  • Establishing contacts and developing networks

  • Sharing information, knowledge and experience

  • Project cooperation

  • Competence development

  • Supporting internationalization

  • Promoting and strengthening competitiveness at the national, European and global levels


Satisfaction of our partners is the foundation of our work. We strive to make sure that our solutions make a real difference to physicians and the treatment process.

The goal of the Kardiosystem clinic is to ensure that our Patients have access to the most modern treatment methods for heart diseases.  The CarnaLife System application, offered by MedApp S.A. supports our activities in this area, providing unique opportunities to combine medical consultations with remote ECG measurement, performed at a time and place convenient for the Patient. Thanks to this cooperation, we have expanded our offer, improved the work of doctors and reinforced the sense of security of Patients.

Marta Ośko

Develompent Director

At NEO Hospital , innovative Carna Life Holo technology is used to perform oncologic treatments for unresectable primary liver tumors and metastatic tumors. CarnaLife Holo allows the surgeon to accurately image and locate lesions, which affects the safety of the procedure, the ability to perform it in a short amount of time, and to perform a targeted procedure. NEO Hospital is also using CarnaLife Holo’s 3D visualization of imaging medical data for a research and development project in gynecologic oncology. Within the project, CarnaLife Holo supports treatment planning. The hologram makes visible the complex spatial relationships between anatomical structures, which is extremely important when planning oncology treatments. The innovative CarnaLife System is also used by the Obesity Clinic at NEO Hospital to record medical data for efficient collection and analysis. The measurements collected and analyzed by CarnaLife System can be used by metabolic surgery specialists, cardiologists, pulmonologists, diabetologists, and physicians of other specialties. We appreciate the innovation and effectiveness of solutions prepared by MedApp S.A. We are also pleased with the ongoing collaboration, support and service offered by the MedApp S.A. team.

Joanna Szyman

President of the Board of Neo Hospital