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04 February 2022

CarnaLife Holo used in cardiac ablation procedure in the best hospital in Poland according to World’s Best Hospitals 2021 ranking

15.11.2022 CarnaLife Holo three-dimensional diagnostic data visualization technology was used during an ablation procedure to eliminate heartbeat abnormalities, including atrial fibrillation, using radio frequency current. A three-dimensional, interactive hologram of the heart was used during the stage of surgical planning and throughout the whole procedure.

The procedure took place at the University Clinical Center (UCK) WUM, at the Clinical Department of Electrocardiology. According to the World’s Best Hospitals 2021 ranking, UCK WUM is the best hospital in Poland.

The procedure was performed by a team from the Department of Cardiology at UCK WUM, led by Prof. dr hab. Marcin Grabowski, and consisted of:

Dr hab. n. med. Paweł Balsam

Dr n. med. Piotr Lodziński

Dr n. med. Michał Peller

Dr n. med. Michał Marchel

Bartosz Krzowski

“With a 3D hologram of the heart, we can more accurately visualize the anatomy, prepare ourselves for the procedure as best as we can, and help ourselves to find specific structures within the heart during the procedure. Patients are really impressed by the technological development in the treatment of heart rhythm disorders. We are happy to use the most modern equipment available at UCK WUM, which allows us to ensure the highest effectiveness of the procedure and safety for our patients,” says dr Paweł Balsam

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