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We are a technology company operating at the intersection of medicine and technology. Our innovative solutions are revolutionizing the ways lives can be saved and patients can be treated.

MedApp offers unique solutions to support diagnostic imaging and next-generation digital medicine. We are constantly expanding the portfolio of services, adapting them to the needs of the changing world and new areas of application.

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The global potential of CarnaLife products

CarnaLife platform certified as class IIb medical device

In-house algorithms and development team

Mixed reality and artificial intelligence

Offering turnkey solutions that are in the process of commercialization

Scientific Council

International partnerships with Microsoft, Johnson & Johnson and GE

Research and development department working on new solutions

CarnaLife Holo is a breakthrough technology for 3D visualization of imaged diagnostic data, supporting the planning and execution of medical procedures. With the help of Microsoft’s HoloLens 2 goggles, the doctor sees in real space a 3D hologram that reflects the structure of the imaged anatomical area. The user can interact with the projected hologram, including rotating, scaling, moving, or going inside anatomical structures – using gestures and voice commands, without losing sterility or having to work with an additional technician. The goggles provide an auxiliary, interactive screen that is available during procedure planning and anywhere in the room at any time during the procedure.

CarnaLife System is an advanced telemedicine platform that allows a physician to assess and monitor the health of patients and conduct consultations at any time of the day and at any place. The application provides unique opportunities to link medical consultations with in-depth diagnostics – the system is supported by more than 20 types of devices that enable remote measurement, such as: pulse oximeter, electrocardiograph (ECG), blood pressure monitor, thermometer, scale, auscultation device and others. Examination results are analyzed 24/7 using AI and Big Data analytics. When abnormalities occur, the system alerts medical personnel caring for the patient. This increases safety and improves patient outcomes.

HoloComm is the perfect solution for remote product demonstration in 3D. The system is based on Microsoft HoloLens 2 glasses and displays data as holograms. Mixed reality makes it possible to better understand complex issues, accurately show objects and their uses. The tool enables mixed reality visualization of different content: STL models, volumetric visualization, PDF files or videos with which the user can interact. It supports creative work and participant engagement.

Digital Clinic is a one-stop-shop for consultation, diagnosis and monitoring of patient’s health. The platform provides the possibility to conduct remote specialist consultations and patient diagnostics anywhere and anytime, as well as ongoing verification of test results through artificial intelligence algorithms. The premise is to maximize physician support in the treatment process, especially for chronically ill individuals. We also meet the needs of patients who want to take care of their health with minimal time spent on it, compared to in-person medical and diagnostic appointments.