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12 September 2022

We are looking for companies and individuals interested in distributing MedApp’s medical technology.

Due to our expansion into Mexico, we are looking for companies and individuals interested in distributing MedApp medical technology.

Our technology

3D imaging system enhancing precision, comfort and safety of medical procedures.

CarnaLife Holo is a breakthrough technology for 3D visualization of imaged medical data which supports the planning and performance of medical procedures. With the help of Microsoft’s HoloLens 2, the physician can see in real space a three-dimensional hologram reflecting the structure of the imaged anatomical area. The user can interact with the displayed hologram using gestures and voice commands: rotate it, scale it, move it around, or even look inside the anatomical structures, without compromising sterility or having to work with an additional technician. The goggles provide an auxiliary interactive screen to be used during procedure planning as well as anywhere in the operating theater at any time during the procedure.

More information about CarnaLife Holo:

Who are we looking for?

  • Medical distributors/companies
  • MEDTECH/Software/IT oriented companies, which provide their business among the healthcare sector/customers

What we offer

  • Innovative and unique CarnaLife Holo 3D medical data imaging hologram augmented reality technology
  • Long term vendor-distributor cooperation
  • Possibility to enter high advanced healthcare technologies business
  • CarnaLife Holo regular developing and upgrading system, which allows to create a long term income system

Contact for interested

Anyone interested in cooperation is encouraged to contact:

Michał Łuczak

Foreign Markets Sales Director

+48 665 233 080

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