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22 October 2021

CarnaLife System will enable remote monitoring of patients of the TeleMed24 Operations and Support Center

With the cooperation established between MedApp S.A. and MKW S.A., the owner of the TeleMed24 brand, patients under the care of the Bytom facility will gain access to full, remote monitoring and diagnostics of heart and circulatory system diseases based on the CarnaLife System platform solutions.

As part of this cooperation, starting November 2, all patients of the Bytom branch of TeleMed24 who struggle with cardiovascular problems on a daily basis will gain access to advanced digital medicine solutions. With the CarnaLife System platform, the facility’s patients as well as paramedics and physicians will be able to remotely monitor the patients’ health using a portable electrocardiograph (ECG device) that allows the test to be performed at home. The results are analyzed 24/7 using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Big Data analytics. The project involves two-step data verification. First, the recorded measurements go to the medical center, where, based on the analysis of the results, they are triaged by the paramedic team. In case of ambiguity or at the patient’s request, a physician becomes involved in the second phase of care. Such a solution is cheaper, uses the best competences of both rescuers and doctors and therefore effectively influences the whole process of patient care, also in terms of saving costs and the doctors’ time.

The cooperation is commercial in nature and the contract is for a fixed period. As part of the deployment, both the paramedic team and cardiologists will receive training on how to use the CarnaLife System platform.

“The possibility for patients, especially those with cardiac problems, to take advantage of the CarnaLife System monitoring is of particular importance to us. We are aware that our system is being used to care for a group of patients at high cardiovascular risk. Heart diseases are still the leading cause of all deaths in Poland, despite the significant progress in cardiology that has been made in recent years. We hope that over time, this collaboration will also bring about opportunities for using the MedApp system and ECG device for hybrid cardiac rehabilitation. This will be a new dimension of digital medicine,” says Krzysztof Mędrala, CEO of MedApp S.A.

TeleMed24 is a network of care, rehabilitation and treatment facilities operating in the area of services for dependent people, requiring both permanent and occasional care, supported by a modern platform of digital medical services. The MKW S.A. facility in Bytom provides modern remote telecare services for patients who are dependent, elderly, ill, or lonely. The remote care system allows many people to function better, fostering a renewed sense of security and independence. The virtual clinic offers medical consultations and online appointments, including with physiotherapists and physiotherapists.

“We are pleased to be working with Medapp S.A. to implement the CarnaLife System. The growing demand for modern services for patients with cardiovascular conditions requires the use of technologically innovative tools that allow us to provide services at the highest level ,” says Wincenty Pelc, CEO of MKW S.A.

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