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03 January 2024

MedApp Clinics expands range of services offered – 2023 summary.

In the past year, MedAppClinics has made significant strides in developing and expanding its range of services. A key element of the company’s strategy was the integration with five renowned medical facilities, which strengthened its competence and reach.

– Medic-Lab Laboratory: The integration with MedicLab is an important step toward expanding our diagnostic capabilities. Thanks to this cooperation, we have gained access to advanced laboratory technologies, crucial in fast and precise diagnosis.
– Close cooperation with Kamedica is a strategic move that has strengthened our presence in the areas of occupational medicine and psychology and dietetics. This collaboration has allowed us to expand our offerings to include specialized services in these key areas.
– Consyliarz: The addition of Consyliarz to our network is a significant step in the provision of gynecological and ENT services. This partnership has enabled us to offer patients access to a wide range of experts and specialists, which is invaluable in providing comprehensive health care.
– Hippocrates offers advanced technology and expertise in urology, psychiatry, rheumatology, orthopedics, endocrinology, dietetics, as well as diagnostic ultrasound, EKG and spirometry. The integration with Hippocrates has also opened up new opportunities in rehabilitation and physiotherapy.
– The inclusion of Baromedical in our network is a strategic step in the development of hyperbaric medicine services. This specialized field of medicine opens up new possibilities in treatment and recovery, which is extremely important for patients with various conditions.
– In addition to the aforementioned collaborations, MedApp Clinics has begun cooperating with Medfile, a company specializing in software and statistical services for clinical trials. This integration will increase the efficiency and quality of medical data and clinical trial management, which is key in our drive to continuously improve patient care.
– The end of the year also marked the start of cooperation with the Independent Public Health Care Center in Grodzisk Wielkopolski. Thanks to the letter of intent signed with the hospital, our patients will have access to the hospital’s five main departments, including the Internal Medicine and Cardiology Department and the Gynecology and Obstetrics Department. The hospital provides comprehensive medical services, from intensive care to specialized cardiac care.

The year 2023 was a challenging year for the company, but more importantly, a time of solid growth and expansion of competencies. Through strategic partnerships and integrations, MedApp Clinics has been steadily increasing its presence in the medical market, aiming to provide patients with comprehensive, high-quality healthcare. In the coming year, MedApp Clinics plans to continue its mission of growth and innovation to serve patients even better.

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