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11 February 2022

MedApp receives EU funding to proactively support biopsy performance using holographic visualization of imaging data

MedApp, a medtech company listed on NewConnect in Warsaw and on Börse Frankfurt, has signed a contract for EU funding for an innovative solution that allows doctors to actively navigate during biopsies, increasing the precision of procedures and patient safety. This is another MedApp product with global sales potential and strong scalability of proprietary software.

The agreement with the Polish National Center for Research and Development (NCBiR) is for the project “Intraoperative navigation system based on mixed reality technology to support the precision, comfort and safety of medical procedures”.

The funds from the Operational Programme Intelligent Development (POIR. 01. 01. 01-00-1115/21-00) are to cover nearly 74% of the costs envisaged for the creation of the CarnaLife Holo MedNav system, which have been estimated at PLN 4. 9 million. The cost eligibility period is September 2021 – December 2023.

– CarnaLife Holo MedNav will be a unique tool to proactively assist physicians in performing various types of needle biopsies. Our system will be based on mixed reality (MR) and spatial holographic visualization technology, leveraging our existing know-how and experience gained in the development, commercialization and international scaling of the CarnaLife Holo solution, which supports medical staff in planning and performing surgeries using 3D holographic visualization of patient imaging data – indicates Andrzej Skalski, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at MedApp S. A. and Professor of AGH – Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Automatics, Computer Science and Biomedical Engineering.

– We consistently build shareholder value by bringing innovative solutions to market that help save lives and save health. CarnaLife Holo MedNav will be a highly technologically advanced product of the Company with high potential to generate recurring revenue by offering unique medical benefits – highlights Krzysztof Mędrala, CEO of MedApp S. A.

MedApp assumes that the CarnaLife Holo MedNav will allow for (1) precise localization of the biopsied lesion (2) introduction of a proactive approach to medical navigation, in which the system determines the optimal trajectory of insertion of the biopsy tool even before penetration of the body shells, (3) improvement of biopsy precision by integrating information about the needle’s position in space with a 3D model of the patient’s anatomy superimposed on the body, which is adjusted in real time, (4) increased patient safety, resulting from reduced likelihood of medical error or collision with critical anatomical structures, as well as (5) elimination of patient irradiation by intraoperative ionizing diagnostic imaging equipment, due to the proprietary concept of fusing retrospective tomographic data with intraoperative ultrasound.

The Company’s analyses indicate that the benefits of CarnaLife Holo MedNav will accrue to patients as well as medical facilities and diagnostic physicians. Facilities will gain a tool to increase the quality of their services while gaining the ability to increase the financial efficiency of biopsy procedures due to reduced procedure times, reduced “non-diagnostic” collections, and reduced use of costly intraoperative CT imaging. Physicians using the CarnaLife Holo MedNav System will receive detailed visual information that will allow them to perform biopsies with greater precision, and patients will be more confident in the absence of surgical complications and receive a faster diagnosis, which is key to initiating treatment.

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