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19 May 2021

MedApp S.A. launches cooperation with Medicover Polska in the area of digital medicine

MedApp, a NewConnect-listed company operating in the medtech segment, has established cooperation with Medicover Poland, a nationwide medical network. As part of the cooperation, the Company will pilot CarnaLife System, digital medicine solution for remote patient health monitoring and treatment management, in selected medical centers. During the pilot, selected employees and patients will benefit from regular remote measurements and examinations in cardiology, internal medicine, diabetes and family medicine.

CarnaLife System is an advanced digital medicine platform that allows a physician to remotely assess and monitor the health of patients with various conditions and conduct teleconsultations. Nearly 20 types of devices are associated with the app, allowing healthmonitoring at any time and place. Depending on medical indications, the patients can measure, among others: blood glucose, blood pressure, perform ECG, take temperature, test pulse oximetry, etc. If abnormal results are recorded, the system will inform the physician, who may recommend an appointment or remote consultation. The platform also enables the collection of well-being data and other parameters related to health monitoring.

“Medicoverhas been implementing innovative solutions in healthcare, particularly in the field ofe-healthcare and digital medicine.In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, we have seen significant growth in this area of service; for example, we have seen a 20-foldincrease in the number of telephone consultations since March of last year, and interest in this form of healthcare continues to be high,” comments Piotr Soszynski, MD PhD, Head of Strategic Medical Advisory Services at Medicover Polska.

Under the signed agreement, MedApp will deliver the system to selected Medicover facilities in Warsaw, where willing employees and patients will be able to have regular measurements taken. The pilot will primarily involve people with chronic diseases, those affected by civilization diseases (diabetes, hypertension, obesity or overweight, abnormal heart rhythm) and pregnant women diagnosed with gestational diabetes.

“We are very pleased that our solutions are recognized by such large and recognizable companies as Medicover. The pilot will allow the network’s medical staff to become familiar with our CarnaLife System app and take measurements of basic parameters such as temperature, pulse, and ECG through it. CarnaLife System, through the use of proprietary, medical grade IIb certified algorithms and big data, can be an important support in diagnosis for doctors,” says Krzysztof Mędrala, CEO of MedApp S.A.

The parties agree that the pilot will last a minimum of 3 months. Its success depends on, among other things, the numberof patients interested in using CarnaLife System devices and applications in the health care system, a qualitative assessment by the medical staff, and business considerations.

At Medicover, 85% of patients report that a type of contact such as remote consultation with a doctor iseasy and intuitive, and 70% note that they have been able to resolve or shorten the time to resolve ahealth issue this way. Medicover continues to test innovative telediagnostic solutions in search of ones that match the qualityof the company’s services and meet its ambitions for growth in this area.

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