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26 April 2021

MedApp S.A. starts distribution in France

MedApp, a company offering unique software solutions to support diagnostic imaging and new generation digital medicine services, is expanding its presence in Europe by introducing CarnaLife Holo in France and Luxembourg thanks to a distribution agreement with its French partner FP Business SAS.

The contract between MedApp S.A. and FP Business SASconcernsCarnaLife Holo-a 3D imaging system enhancing precision, comfort and safety of medical procedures used in cardiology, oncology, orthopedics, radiology and ENT. The contract covers the branches of FP Business SAS in France and Luxembourg. The concluded agreement is exclusive andthe distributor has the right to conclude sub-distribution agreements with the approval of MedApp S.A.

If the distributor meets the sales targets set for the first 3 years of the term of the Agreement, MedApp S.A. will obtain during this period the income at the level of EUR 2,073,660 (according to the average exchange rate of the National Bank of Poland as of April 26, 2021: PLN 9,468,631)from sales of CarnaLife Holo. The implementation of the adopted sales plan ensures that the distributor maintains its exclusive status.

Taking into account FP Business SAS specialization, the offer of MedApp S.A. will be primarily addressed to physicians and entities specializing in oncology and orthopedics, such as: private and public hospitals, clinics, nursing homes and rehabilitation centers.

“Signing a distribution agreement with FP Business SAS is another step in the commercialization of our solutions on foreign markets. We are pleased that our solutions will also be available on the French and Luxembourg markets. Digital medicine and health-related innovations are of growing importance not only to patients and physicians, but also to partners interested in distributing software solutions that support modern healthcare. We can see a rapid growth in the market for cutting-edge solutions for diagnostic imaging and digital therapeutics in medicine. We are proud to be able to offer our solutions supporting this area not only in Poland and the UK, but also on other European markets. The signed cooperation agreement with FP Business is the proof of potential for the implementation of technologically innovative medtech solutions coming from Poland,” says Krzysztof Mędrala, CEO of MedApp S.A.

CarnaLife Holois a breakthrough technology for 3D visualization of imaged medical data, supporting the planning and execution of medical procedures. With the help of Microsoft’s HoloLens 2 goggles, the doctor sees in real space a 3D hologram that reflects the structure of the imaged anatomical area. The user can interact with the projected hologram, including rotating, scaling, moving, or going inside anatomical structures -using gestures and voice commands, without losing sterility of the surgical field or having to work with an additional technician. The goggles provide an auxiliary, interactive screen that is available both during procedure planning and anywhere in the room at any time during the procedure itself.

“We have chosen to integrate MedApp’s solutions into our product offer and treatment process because we believe this proprietary 3D medical data imaging technology perfectly complements the already available techniques. Through the collaboration we are undertaking, our French and Luxembourg specialists will be able to use Carnalife Holo to assess the accuracy ofthe preoperative and intraoperative diagnoses in their patients. When combined with current robotic technologies, we will create the perfect symbiosis to improve treatment efficiency,” says FabriceProtois, Managing Partner at FP Business SAS

FP Business SAS is an independent French entity that, through its national and international network of orthopedic surgery and traumatology, vascular surgery and oncology facilities, works with surgeons as well as with established distribution networks in France and Luxembourg.

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