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27 January 2021

NEO Hospital to use innovative MedApp technologies as part of a research and development project

MedApp S.A. has strengthened its cooperation with NEO Hospital Group. As part of the signed agreement, the Group’s Szpital na Klinach will use the CarnaLife Holo technology for 3D visualization of imaged medical data in the implementation of a newresearch and development project. Its goal is to develop a new method for the surgical treatment of endometrial and cervical cancers.

“The coronavirus pandemic has drastically affected the implementation of prevention programs. Diagnostics have also suffered greatly. We will emerge from the pandemic with an alarming scale of health debt. We must look for methods and tools to improve the effectiveness of treatment of oncology patients. Our research program, based on minimally invasive therapeutic methods, modern equipment and innovative systems supporting the process of treatment planning, creates such an opportunity for women with cervical and endometrial cancer,” says Joanna Szyman, CEO of NEO Hospital Group.

The CarnaLife Holo solution will be used by NEO Hospital in a project concerning surgical treatment of cervical and endometrial cancer. The surgeries will be performed at Szpital na Klinach in Kraków under funding from the Malopolska Regional Operational Program for 2014 -2020. Under the project, the Hospital will perform 200 procedures using the DaVinci robot. The treatment will be free of charge for the patients.

“CarnaLife Holo streamlines diagnostic processes, which, especially in difficult and complex procedures, can impact the physician’s precision and safety. We are pleased that our innovations are increasingly used in daily medical practice, supporting medics during surgical procedures,” says Krzysztof Mędrala, CEO of MedApp.

CarnaLife Holo is an innovative medical data processing and holographic visualization system that enables the representation of three-dimensional image data from CT, MRI, ultrasound, as well as other modalities that store data in the DICOM standard, in a mixed reality (MR) environment. CarnaLife Holo offered by MedApphas a wide range of applications and can be used to improve the safety of procedures by making them easier to plan, allowing analysis of the spatial relationships between
anatomical and pathological structures, as well as during the procedure itself by visualizing the patient’s anatomy. The physician can verify the treatment plan based on 3D visualizations and models of anatomical structures, or plain medical imaging data.
The CarnaLife Holo system in the project will support treatment planning for endometrial cancer and cervical cancer. The system will be mainly used for patients whose surgical field anatomy is disrupted. CarnaLife Holo presents data in the form of a hologram that the physician can interact with. The hologram makes visible thecomplex spatial relationships between anatomical structures, which is extremely important when planning oncology treatments.
The Neo Hospital program represents a real opportunity to improve the quality of oncology treatment for patients affected by cervical and endometrial cancer. Among the expected significant benefits of the program are less pain, less intraoperative bleeding, and fewer intra-and postoperative complications.

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