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Removal of an oncological lesion of a 12 year old patient using CarnaLife Holo technology

Product:  CarnaLife Holo Client University Hospital No. 1 named after Dr Antoni Jurasz in Bydgoszcz

The surgeons of the University Hospital No. 1 named after Dr Antoni Jurasz in Bydgoszcz operated using #3D #CarnaLifeHolo technology, which creates three-dimensional, interactive holograms of organs in real-time. The procedure was performed in the Department of General and Oncological Surgery for Children and Adolescents and included the removal of an oncological lesion in a 12-year-old patient. For us, it was the first procedure in which we supported a child’s operations.

For our company it is a breakthrough event, so far we have analyzed the data of adult patients, but this time we supported the preparation and implementation of the procedure based on tests that require much greater precision and accuracy in visualization, for example, due to the anatomy of the child. – says Krzysztof Medrala, CEO of MedApp S.A.

The use of three-dimensional imaging diagnostic data in planning and during the operation itself shortens the time of the procedure, affects the precision of its performance, and thus – the safety of the patient himself.

Our #CarnaLifeHolo software is successfully used in cardiology, oncology, orthopaedics and laryngology in several European countries and Brazil. Over 200 such procedures have already been performed in Poland.

Thank you for the opportunity to report on the procedure to the Hospital Management and congratulations to the medical team, in particular:

▫ Przemyslaw Galazka MD, PhD
▫ dr Alicja Rymaszewska
▫ dr Natalia Masur
▫ dr Rafał Mackiewicz
▫ dr Michał Tuchalski
▫ Kalina Łazuk – Nurse Anesthetist
▫ Wiesława Fiałkowska – Operating Theatre Nurse
▫ Dorota Pietrzak – Operating Theatre Nurse

The technological assistance was provided by Kacper Pabianek from MedApp S.A.

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