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18 January 2021

MedApp expands partnership with Microsoft

MedApp is expanding its partnership with Microsoft. The Company has just obtained Mixed Reality DMP status with the tech giant, making it the official distributor of its mixed reality holographic visualization device, HoloLens 2. MedApp already holds Silver Partner status in the MRPP program and also offers a Microsoft Azure cloud solution to its clients.

“Participation in another Microsoft partner program is a great honor for us. This proves that MedApp provides the highest quality of services. Expanding cooperation is important for us from the perspective of developing sales channels, and such programs as MRPP (Mixed Reality Partner Program), in which we hold a Silver Partner status, allow us to intensify our marketing and sales activities. We are excited that Microsoft has appreciated our cooperation to-date and is opening up more opportunities for us. We are expanding to foreign markets, and in the international MedTech environment it is extremely important to use secure, scalable solutions, which Microsoft services available worldwide guarantee. We want to actively use all the benefits of partnership with such a large player in the global market,” comments Krzysztof Mędrala, CEO of MedApp S.A.

The Mixed Reality DMP (Distributor -Managed Partner) program offers its participants a number ofbenefits. Among other things, Microsoft partners have the opportunity to build a new revenue stream from selling their solutions together with HoloLens 2. MedApp, as a participant in the program, will be able to preferentially distribute innovative mixed reality solutions for holographic visualization bundled with its proprietary CarnaLife Holo and SurgeonEye software.

CarnaLife Holo is an innovative technology for 3D visualization of diagnostic imaging data, supporting the planning and execution of medical procedures in the areas of cardiology, interventional radiology, oncology and orthopedics, among others. The technology is also used in the SurgeonEye product, which enables 3D visualization of imaged anatomical and pathomorphological data in the training of surgeons or other medical specialties. MedApp clients will be provided with full technical support from the American giant.

MedApp also received a Silver Partner status in the Mixed Reality Partner Program (MRPP) on January 7. It enables the Company to participate in marketing and sales events organized by Microsoft, and thus to present its products and innovative technological solutions to partners and distributors of the American giant from foreign markets.

“Despite Covid-related limitations, we are seeing a rapidly growing interest in our solutions from overseas clients. The possibility to use the knowledge and relationships offered by Microsoft is a great support for us, especially in the context of validating the usability of our solutions in the eyes of demanding foreign clients. Due to the rapidly growing interest in our products abroad, we are planning to establish a subsidiary to serve the DACH region (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) in 2021. In addition, shareholders have approved the establishment of a Subsidiary in the United States. The work on the creation of this company is related to MedApp’s preparation to the FDA certification process and, consequently, the opportunity to offer our solutions in one of the most technologically advanced markets in the world, which is the United States,” adds Krzysztof Mędrala, CEO of MedApp SA.

MedApp also offers its clients the Microsoft Azure cloud, a platform in a PaaS (Platform as a Service) model. It provides solutions for processing large medical data sets through the Company’s proprietary technologies, as well as for securely storing and collecting them. This solution is offered in partnership with TechData.

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