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12 October 2021

MedApp S.A., is the partner of the nationwide contest for schoolgirls “Become an Ambassador”.

“One (female) voice can change the world for the better”. MedApp S.A., as a partner of the nationwide contest for schoolgirls “Become an Ambassador”, together with its organizers, inspires young girls to take leadership, shows what the world would look like without barriers, as well as fosters international dialogue and challenges that the modern world faces.

On October 11, 2021, in celebration of the International Day of the Girl, 12 finalists of the nationwide contest for schoolgirls “Become an Ambassador” were given the opportunity to learn about the world of diplomacy by playing the role of an Ambassador in one of the participating Embassies. The organizers of the program are the Leopolda Wild Foundation and the Embassy of Israel. The Embassies of the following countries joined the contest as partners: Israel, Lithuania, Spain, Australia, Canada, Ireland, Switzerland, South Korea, Belgium, Germany, United Kingdom, USA.

The goal of the contest is to create programs that support the development of young girls, to foster an environment free of stereotypes that impose limitations on girls, and to invest in talent development in Poland and around the world.

“The involvement of MedApp S.A. in this noble initiative is a way to draw attention to the often underestimated potential of Girls. As an innovative, technology-driven company, we know all the more the value that diversity brings to an organization. We want to support girls in their professional aspirations, take advantage of their potential, excellent knowledge and education, also in a field that is close to our hearts: sciences,” says Krzysztof Mędrala, CEO of MedApp S.A.

For more information about the contest and a list of finalists, visit:

Contest organizers: The Leopolda Wild Foundation, Embassy of Israel

Contest Partners: BNP Paribas, MedApp, Vital Voices Poland Foundation

Supporting Partners: Laboratorium EE, PSM Legal

Media Patrons: Forbes Women, Wysokie Obcasy

About the organizers

The Leopolda Wild Foundation

A key mission of the Foundation is to invest in the development of exceptional educational programs for youth in the STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) and leadership development fields. The Foundation creates programs and initiatives that support entrepreneurship and the use of modern technologies while promoting sustainable development in Poland and around the world.

It was the dream of the founder of the Leopolda Wild Foundation to establish a foundation in the name of her great-grandmother, Leopolda Wild, who was born in 1886 near Lviv, in the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Leopolda, convinced of the power of education and entrepreneurship, was a pioneer who inspired generations of women with her achievements.

Embassy of Israel

Ever since its inception, Israel has been committed to supporting girls’ and women’s empowerment and equality. It actively supports and promotes solutions to this problem worldwide, understanding that the equal status of women and men is a fundamental human rights issue.

Israeli women have distinguished themselves over the years as leaders in diplomacy, politics, law, science, medicine, mediation and culture, and Israel, through its embassies around the world, has supported United Nations’ initiatives for girls and women since the beginning of the UN. And while Israel, like many societies, still faces challenges in addressing gender equality issues, significant progress has been made in recent years toward this important goal.

At the Embassy of the State of Israel in Poland, we believe that it is of utmost importance to initiate and support projects that give girls opportunities to develop and confidence in their ability to be leaders in their communities. We will continue to strive to engage our international and local partners to help achieve full and real equality in all aspects of girls’ lives in Israel, Poland and around the world.

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