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10 March 2021

MedApp S.A. participates in Living Lab: a program for developers of innovative digital services and solutions

MedApp, a technology company developing unique solutions to support diagnostic imaging and next-generation digital medicine services, has been selected for NEO Hospital Group’s Living Lab program, which targets developers of innovative digitalservices and solutions. Thanks to the close collaboration between MedApp S.A. and NEO Hospital Group, the creators of innovative digital medicine solutions such as CarnaLife Holo and CarnaLife System gain the opportunity to have their products undergo additional testing and expand their functionality in a natural, clinical-hospital environment.

Living Lab is a program dedicated to startups, businesses and academic communities. Developers of innovative services and digital solutions that are applied in medicine or optimize quality and security of in-hospital procedures can be beneficiaries of the program.At Szpital na Klinach in Kraków, which belongs to the NEO Hospital Group, two MedApp solutions are used in oncologic surgeries, bariatrics or monitoring of patients’ health, among others.

One of them is CarnaLife Holo, an innovative system for modeling and processing visualizations of holographic 3D medical data. Due to its functionality, the system makes it possible to represent in mixed reality (MR) three-dimensional image datafrom CT, MRI, ultrasound, as well as other modalities that store data in DICOM (Digital Imaging Communications in Medicine) standard.The CarnaLife Holo app has awide range of uses and can be used to plan procedures to improve their safety, enabling analysis of the spatial relationships between anatomical and pathological structures, as well as during procedures themselves. Thedoctor can verify the patient’s anatomy based on 3D holographic visualizations created from medical imaging data.

“MedApp’s entire team involved in the development of the products we offer appreciates the value of our company’s participation in NEO Hospital Group’s Living Lab. In the case of CarnaLife Holo, this is an invaluable opportunity to collaborate with the entire medical team of the operation suite at the Robotic Surgery Center in Kraków. Their observations and expressed needs show us the direction in which we should develop the functionality of the system to best serve both doctors and patients,” says Krzysztof Mędrala, CEO of MedApp S.A.

The Company’s other solution that is present in the Living Lab program is CarnaLife System, an advanced digital medicine platform that enables the physician to assess and monitor the health of, for example, patients undergoing bariatric treatment. Depending on medical indications, patients under thecare of staff using the CarnaLife System platform measure body weight, blood glucose levels, blood pressure, body temperature, pulse oximetry, perform ECG, etc. The platform also enables the collection of well-being data and other parameters related to the monitoring of neuropsychiatric symptoms. The data is analyzed 24/7 using AI and Big Data analytics, and the system alerts the attending physician if alarming results appear.

“Among the benefits of participating inLiving Labare speeding up innovations’ time-to-market and their better tailoring to actual needs because they are verified and validated by their users. The involvement of interdisciplinary teams atLiving Lab ensures that the products/services created are of maximum value, taking into account user expectations and business requirements,”adds Joanna Szyman, CEO of NEO Hospital Group.

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