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09 June 2021

MedApp S.A. partnerem profilaktycznej akcji onkologicznej – ONKOODPOWIEDZIALNI

The “Onkoodpowiedzialni” campaign dedicated to oncology education, prevention and health promotion has been launched. According to NEO Hospital -the organizer of the action -the program is based on joint activities with socially responsible employers aimed at increasing health awareness amongemployees, drawing attention to oncological prevention and showing how to deal with oncological disease when it affects one of the employees. MedApp S.A. is also one of the Partners of the program “Onkoodpowiedzialni”.

The June edition of the campaign, initiated by NEO Hospital, is dedicated to gynecological cancers, endometrial cancer and cervical cancer, as these cancers in Poland have had some of the worst mortality rates in the European Union for years.

“Without hesitation, we accepted the invitation to participate in such a socially responsible educational and preventive action dedicated to the health of women. The mission of MedApp S.A. is to create the future of medicine, revolutionizing the way peoplecan be treated and their lives can be saved by staying on the cutting edge of technology. Informed prevention and a high level of responsibility for the state and quality of one’s own health are essential factors in maintaining the health of the general public. We also greatly appreciate all the past initiatives we have taken with the NEO Hospital team. I am convinced that this is another time when, together with our partner, we are contributing to improving the awareness and health status, in this case especially of our female colleagues,” says Krzysztof Mędrala, CEO of MedApp S.A.

There were 19,665 fewer DILO cards (cancer diagnosis cards) issued in 2020 than in 2019, meaning that people who developed cancer were not diagnosed and did not receive appropriate care in a timely manner. At the same time, basic prophylactic examinations, such as pap smears, were not performed -only 14% of those eligible benefited from preventive programs reimbursed by the National Health Fund in 2020. Limitations also occurred in the area of diagnostics. This created a so-called health debt, the consequences of which will now have to be dealt with. With the passing of the third wave of the pandemic, a surge of dramatic appeals came from physicians and patients regarding the effects the pandemic ishaving on cancer treatment.

Estimates for 2020 indicated in the report “Nowotwory złośliwe w Polsce” (“Malignant neoplasms in Poland”) show that the incidence of cervical cancer affected 2,100 women. And although we have seen a decline in incidence and mortality in recent years, survival statistics still look very poor compared to other European countries. Endometrial cancer has seen a steadily increasing trend in incidence and mortality. Between 2005 and 2017, incidence increased by 44%, while mortality increased by more than 120%. It is estimated that more than 6,600 Poles will hear a diagnosis of endometrial cancer in 2020.

“Through our campaign, we want to create an opportunity for the involved companies and their employees to ask questions and learn about solutions, especially in the area of prevention and modern treatment methods. Much depends on ourselves and on our responsible attitudes toward our own health. We can control many risk factors, for example by staying physically active and having a good diet. Andalso, by performing regular preventive examinations. We should also remember that cancercan be effectively treated and modern medicine gives us more and more possibilities and new treatment techniques,” says Joanna Szyman, CEO of Neo Hospital.

The campaign will include live meetings with doctors and psycho-oncologists, who will share their experiences and answer questions about how to take care of one’s health, how to react when oncological disease occurs, where to look for help, what is the role of personalized care and how new technologies affect recovery. Patients who have been affected by cancer themselves will also share their perspectives during scheduled meetings.

Live meetings that will be broadcast on the FB profile of the action have been scheduled for:

  • June 23, 19.30 -a conversation with psycho-oncologist Ms. Adrianna Sobol and Maciej Olszewski, MD PhD, on how to prevent cancer, how to treat it and what new therapies can be used for gynecological cancers
  • June 28, 19.30 -a discussion with psycho-oncologist Ms. Adrianna Sobol and invited guests about how to support patients and their families when oncological disease occurs

During the campaign, NEO Hospital physicians will also provide free online consultations for patients diagnosed with cervical cancer or endometrial cancer. There will also be free pap smear tests as well as opportunities to learn more about the benefits and nature of preventive screenings and modern treatment techniques.

Free pap smears in Krakow will be performed at the Szpital na Klinach in Krakow, ul. Kostrzewskiego 47 from June 4 to June 24. Tests are performed after prior registration by calling:+ 48 12 267 40 64 (thenumber of places is limited -first come first served).

For more information on the campaign, visit: www.onkoodpowiedzialni.pland follow:

Download the .pdf file


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