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Implementation of the CarnaLife System in the Kardiosystem Medical Center

Product:  CarnaLife System Client Kardiosystem Medical Center

An innovative tool for remote recording, collection and instant analysis of medical data using artificial intelligence.

  • The telemedicine solution works with over twenty types of diagnostic devices
  • Screening tool
  • Easy integration with data collection systems or clinic software
  • Easy import of files of any type and saving them to the patient’s electronic record

Kardiosystem Medical Center is a facility that specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of people with cardiovascular problems. Doctors working at Kardiosystem Medical Center are renowned professionals with extensive practical experience and numerous scientific achievements.


The challenge

Cardiovascular diseases are the most common cause of death in Poland. Depending on estimates, cardiovascular abnormalities are believed to affect up to over 40% of adults in Poland. Kardiosystem’s patients are largely chronically ill, and the goal of the medical staff is to provide them with the best possible quality of treatment and ongoing support in preserving their health. However, it is important to remember that in many cases, the results of treatment achieved depend equally on the patient and the members of the treatment team who care for him or her. That is why Kardiosystem Medical Center started cooperation with MedApp S. A.

The solution

In-depth diagnostics and remote patient monitoring with CarnaLife System.

  • The facility provides patients with devices to remotely record ECG results.
  • The patient conducts the measurements at home.
  • The data is automatically stored in the app or manually entered by the patient.
  • CLS proprietary algorithms analyze the results.
  • In case of alarming data, the attending physician receives an alert and decides the further therapeutic path of the patient.

“We are committed to ensuring that the patients who remain in our care can conveniently and safely benefit from the solutions provided by digital medicine. The start of cooperation with MedApp, marked by the pilot implementation of the technology to enable ECG testing at home has expanded our offer and made patients feel safe in our hands. This is very important to us, especially now, at a time of unstable epidemiological situation. We trust that the solutions we are testing will improve the quality of care for patients during cardiovascular diagnostics."

Marta Urszula Ośko-Derejko

Kardiosystem CEO

"When designing technology, we try our best to understand the expectations and needs of all the groups that will ultimately use it. When thinking about solutions for patients affected by cardiovascular issues, we want them to be user-friendly, convenient and clinically valuable. By moving some of the diagnostics and monitoring to the patients’ everyday environment, it is possible to improve the quality of care, especially for those who experience symptoms in certain situations, such as during physical effort or stress. Partnering with Kardiosystem allows us to test our solutions in practice and continually refine them to improve patient comfort and physician workflow."

Aleksandra Woźniak

Product Manager at MedApp S.A.

CarnaLife System allows for an in-depth health check – prolonged monitoring in the comfort of the patient’s home allows for more reliable information about their health. Storing all information in one place and instantaneous analysis of data by AI enables a complete, continuous diagnosis and fast adjustment of treatment.

If you want to know more details, download the pdf document.

In the document you will find the details of the implementation.

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